Impress the Fam with the Little Details this Thanksgiving.

Okay, so, Thanksgiving 2015 and you accidentally burn the rolls at Thanksgiving dinner, and good ole' Aunt Lucille will not let you live it down. Have no fear- the rest of your meal is great and ready to be served on a nice, long 30 foot kings table. The catch? No table decor, no candle sticks, not even a decorative napkin. C'mon now. Aunt Lucille is NOT impressed.

Don't worry, you're coming out strong this year with a list of our top eight decor elements for your Thanksgiving dinner party:

1. The Thankful Pumpkin

Real or fake, painted or not- grab a pumpkin (any size!) and some sharpie markers, and have your guests write down what they are thankful for! These people have the right idea; Pasta and Roadtrips? Yes, Please!

DIY Tip: Use a foam or plastic pumpkin and seal it with ModgePodge. This will give it the same function as a dry erase board. Substitute the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and you can reuse the pumpkin next year!

2. Personalized Place Cards

Nothing makes guests feel more comfortable than personalized details! Try assigning seats to your guests at the dinner table using these simple place card ideas.

DIY Tip: You can purchase

both glittered and natural colored leafs at Michaels or Joanns! As well as burlap pieces and clothes pins.

3. Autumn Pillar Candles

No glue, paint, or glitter needed for this one! A, B, C, its easy as 1,2,3: Candles, Leafs, Twine. Simply wrap the twine around your pillar candles and leafs, tie a pretty bow, and voila!

DIY Tip: Have candlesticks or pillars sitting at home? Use

those! Thrifty is Trendy, and we

love to recycle.

4. Silverware goes where?

Okay now these are cute! Silverware containers can go on the table, or on the buffet. A simple detail to put the finishing touch on your dinnerware.

DIY Tip: All of the supplies needed can be purchased at the Dollar Store- Including the cutlery!

5. Something Bubbly

I'd use a real pumpkin for this one. Cut a piece from the side, rather than the top, and hallow it out just as you would when carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Fill it with ice, and you've got your Thanksgiving themed iced bucket!

DIY Tip: Have any uncarved pumpkins left over from Halloween? If they're still in good shape, reuse them!

6. Mason Jars on a Mantle

If you have and empty mantle or credenza, you can send a thankful message to your guests. All you need is 10 mason jars and paint color of your choice!

DIY Tip: Use stencils for the

lettering! Stencils can be

purchased at any craft store or

even downloaded off the internet.

7. Totally non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn't always have to be shades of Oranges and Browns! Take it the modern route and mix in tones of Black and White- even with Gold accents!

DIY Tip: Add a pop of color with the black and white to really mix things up!

8. Friendsgiving

If you have friends like Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Pheobe, you know nothing can ever be simple! Try spicing up the Thanksgiving decor with flirty and youthful colors!

DIY Tip: Get the gradient color pallette! Acrylic paints can be purchased at Michaels or Joanns in over 100 colors, for jsut around $1 each!

You! Yeah, You! You are going to bring down the house [party] this Thanksgiving. And to add to it, follow this link for a plethora of coupons!

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