You Don't Have to "Wish" You did That.

There are so many great ideas in the world, why just throw a basic party? Honestly, as an event planner, it makes me sad hearing clients and friends saying "I wish I could do that at my wedding." or "I wish I did that at my wedding." Like, why can't you do that? Why didn't you do that? Read on to see some fun and memorable things that will make your guests say "I want to do that at my wedding!"

1. Real- Time Art Work

Hire an artist to do a live painting of your ceremony or reception, that you and your spouse can keep forever. OR instead of the basic photo booth that seems to be such a normality now, hire a characaturist who can draw your guests as cartoons. This works as both an activity for your guests entertainment, and a keepsake for them to take home.

2. Cute, Little, Multipurpose Coasters.

Yes, we loved monogrammed and personalized stationary, but we also love when the wait staff doesn't clear our drinks while we are dancing. These coasters let everyone know that your guests aren't abdandoning their drink, they're just inhabiting the dance floor.

3. An Easy Way to Take Requests.

Many wedding DJs like to know what songs you want to hear (or not hear) at your party, and many guests won't dance unless they hear that song. That song that gets them on their feet like "Girlllll, this is my jam." When guests fill out their RSVP cards, or fill in their ERSVP, give them a space to request a song they would like to hear played. It makes your "must-play" come easy, and makes your guests feel special when they hear their song.

4. Remembering the Date

Like, I know you'll remember your wedding date, but why not visually remember it as well. How cool is this photo of rings on the newspaper of the day you got married? Or have your photographer photograph you reading the daily.

5. Strolling Tables.

Strolling: Walking in a leisurely way.

Table: A piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs.

Humans have two legs. And they wear a table as a skirt. These table hold hors d'eourves, drinks, dessert, whatever your heart desires.

6. Flower Grandparents

Who says those who sprinkle flower petals down the aisle have to be asorable, little, 4 year old girls? How about adorable, little, 74 year old Grandmothers? They need special roles too!

7. Cue Cards

This is in no way to mock your ceremony, just make it a little whimsical. Cue cards will simply enhance the awww's and hahhahaha's you will get during your ceremony-- You know it will be too stinkin' cute and very, playfully comical, beacause lets be real, your charm is one for the books.

8. Pick a Side

There's not always a side. Sometimes you are a mutual friend of both the bride and groom, but, like, you have to pick a side. Customize little pins with your faces on them so your guests know who is with an against them. Kidding! But how cute are these?? These pins also serve as a great conversation starter for guests who are not familar with each other.

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