5 Ways to make this the Groom's day, too!

Although weddings are to celebrate the joining of a man and a women, they often tend to express the Bride's wants, needs, and style, without much input from the Groom. Read on to learn 5 ways to Groomify your big day and give the Groom some special details of his own.

1. Incorporate Sports

There are various ways to include your Fiance's favorite sports or sports teams into your wedding. Sportify your ring bearer and/or flower girl, include touches of sports balls in the Groom's boutonniere, turn your guest book into a home plate, and more!

2. Make Beer Your "Signature" Drink

A lot of guys (and girls!) love beer, and if your Fiance is a beer drinker, then he will love the different beer elements in your wedding. "Beer Barrow" is one of our favorites yet, and don't forget about beer shots with sliders- Yum!

3. Order a Groom's cake

The grooms cake is a smaller cake to compliment your traditional wedding cake. This usually reflects the Groom's personality, likes, and/or hobbies. Keep this element on the down-low for a nice surprise for him at the reception!

4. Turn Cocktail Hour into a Tailgate

This will not only be fun and exciting for the Bride and Groom, but also for your guests! Switching things up a little from the good old cocktail hour can really leave a lasting impression. Yard games, pick up trucks, hot dog carts, and food trucks!

5. Be Smoke Friendly!

No, I'm not saying light up any and everything- but, two words: Cigar. Bar. Not only can your guests choose from a plethora of cigars to smoke (or take home!) but you can even customize them with personalized labels of the couple.

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