Is Every Wedding a Themed Wedding??

This blog post is not meant to give you lists of ideas to use on your big day. It will be short and sweet about something I've never thought about until a recent conversation with a coworker. He's just under 30 years old, with a beautiful wife, and a handsome little boy fit to be a president. I swear the kid was doing calculus by the 2 month mark, but that's beside the point.

I was expressing my feelings about themed weddings (those to be discussed in a later blog), and my co-worker brought up something we (he and I) now consider "The Princess Theory". He says that even if a wedding does not have a set theme (i.e Harry potter, Beauty & The Beast, etc), it has a theme.

That theme is Princess themed. As cliche as it sounds, we dream about our big days from childhood, and every little girl wants to be a princess in that ball gown on her wedding day, and that's what she is. She walks into the venue, which she put all her hard work into making it look perfect for the wedding, and all eyes are on her (and the groom,too!). Guests snap pictures, give congratulations, and party the night away to celebrate the couple.

Whatever kind of wedding you have, the bride is a Princess, if even for only one day.

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