Last Minute Gifts- Valentine's (Or GALentine's) Edition

We all fall victim to busy schedules and scattered thoughts, so if you forgot that Valentine's day is tomorrow, no need to fret! Here are a few last minute ideas for you significant other, girlfriends, bosses, neighbors- whoever!

1. The Go-To's

Flowers are almost always fool proof, unless your girl is like me and wants something edible. Edible Arrangements, Chocolate... Chicken Nuggets... Hot Dogs...

Also, stay away from Roses! Think outside of the box with other flowers that are in season. Guys- ask the florist! They Can help.

2. For the Coffee Lover

Starbucks has Valentine's themed thermos cups and tumblers. Fill it with a gift card for your Valentine, or maybe a cup full of kisses- Hershey's that is!

3. Don't spend a dollar!

What adult (or teen!) wouldn't love to flashback to their childhood? Have a night in and stay cozy with a self made... BLANKET FORT! Grab the chairs from your kitchen table, and drape some blankets over them, collect all the pillows you can find, put something on Netflix, and enjoy the night.

4. Printable Ecards

Sometimes the best gift is humor! The internet is filled with hilarious electronic valentines that are relevant to the times. Charm your valentine with the help of Bill Nye The Science Guy, Regina George, Barack Obama, and more!

5. Carry-out and a Movie (Netflix & Chill)

This could be a gift of favorites. Order in your favorite meal, and on-demand a classic movie. All while in your pajamas!

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